Subaru Outback and Legacy Launch

Client: Subaru North America
Role: Web Design / UI Design / Creative Direction

Subaru was launching two completely redesigned car models, the 2005 Legacy and Outback, that represented a shift in the brand positioning from a strictly practical vehicle, to a car people would really desire.

Web AwardsOutstanding Website
ADDY’sInteractive Mini-Site Bronze medal
Excellence in Interactive Marketing AwardBest Consumer Campaign

The site was the focal point of the launch strategy and the first step in the repositioning of the Subaru brand. It built brand awareness for the new direction of the company, drove thousands of highly qualified sales leads, and led to their best sales year ever.


Moving a brand from need to desire

The challenge was to create and maintain enough consumer interest around this new car launch to drive traffic into dealerships when the cars finally arrived at dealers. But the biggest challenge was to shift consumer perception of the Subaru brand and create appeal not only among the core auto enthusiasts who are often interested in Subaru but also the broader audience of new-car shoppers, who might not usually consider the brand.  This was complicated by the fact that there were minimal assets since photography of the U.S. models simply didn’t exist when I first began work on the project.


2 lenses through 1 interface

Subaru had traditionally been viewed as a reliable car brand but one that wasn’t very exciting. These news cars looked to change that and I was challenged with figuring out how to create a site that could help move brand perception. I felt that the best strategy was to take this problem head-on and so the site was based around being able to view each car through two lenses – what makes you need the car and what makes you desire the car. This mix of rational and emotional content allowed me to really show off all aspects of the car and make it an engaging experience. The interface was designed to support these two lenses so you could explore performance, design, and safety, and each section flip between the two different lenses to see the difference.

The site led the way to Subaru’s best sales year – ever.

The real test of any campaign is its results. This was a case where I was able to combine great design with a solid brand strategy it showed in the results of 56,000 new car buyer leads with 22% of the new car leads generated by the site went on to buy a new Subaru.