Subaru Lance Armstrong Launch Campaign

Client: Subaru
Role: Creative Direction / Digital Design / Flash Animation

Advertising on steroids

When I took over the Subaru advertising account Lance Armstrong had been chosen as the new spokesperson for the brand.  I had to create a site and online advertising campaign that would announce Lance as their news spokesperson and show how Lance and Subaru shared many similar traits. The site and campaign were developed using a strong visual style using bold colors and typography using the concept of “What Drives Lance” that communicated the similarities between the two. Each characteristic was then married to a particular Subaru model and deeper content was provided about Lance and the Subaru model.  The online advertising also used these pairings and strong visual style to make it stand out among the clutter on automotive web sites. The online advertising campaign and web site created a strong boost in brand awareness, brand preference, and model sales.


Bold and simple design to stand out online

Unlike most car advertising I decided to design the campaign with bright colors, strong typography and ghosted imagery to create ads that had an impact but also had a simplicity to stand out on a crowded web page.


 Ad units drove traffic to a Flash microsite