American Airlines Online Advertising

Client: American Airlines
Role: Creative Direction / Digital Design

American Airlines was a pioneer in the use of video in their online advertising as they were one of the first companies to have all their online brand advertising use video.

Canne Cyber Lion
Interactive Advertising Award

It was first launched with the We Know Why You Fly branding campaign to support the offline campaign as well as I concepted, shot, edited, and designed numerous campaigns that supported the We Know Why You Fly campaign that ranged from candid consumer confessions to humorous and insightful video clips that all showed by people fly with American Airlines. This advertising used on condition with more tradition-rich media ad units created a continued year over year increase in bookings worldwide for the brand.

I also design and created a large number of online advertising campaigns for American Airlines that spanned global branding, offers, destinations, site promotions, and their involvement in the oneworld airline alliance. I conceptually approached every campaign wanting to create ads that ever interactive, engaging, brand centered, actionable, and integrated. The visual design of all the campaigns was based on strong typography and simple but eye-catching visuals that would stand out against the cluttered and widely varied sites they appeared on.

Year over year the campaigns increased the amount of traffic driven to which converted into bookings and the We Know Why You Fly campaign drove $439 million dollars in flown revenue in one year.