Subaru Online Advertising

Client: Subaru North America
Role: Creative Direction / Digital Design / Flash Animation

NY Ad WeekBest of Show
Ad:TechBest Large Format Ad Unit
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Subaru needed to shift their brand positioning from a strictly utilitarian and practical vehicle, to a car people would really desire. This brand shift had to be created by the advertising campaign that would re-position the brand and show their new design and performance features.  In previous years the online and offline creative work for the campaign was developed separately with minimal visual and conceptual integration. In order to effect real change in the minds of consumers this campaign was concepted as on idea that was then brought to life through consistent imagery and language but used the strengths of each medium to bring it to life. The online advertising used the straight talking language found across all channels but added multiple interaction points in the ad units to engage the user and move them to

Highest interaction rate of any large format interactive ad on