Starwood Hotels Apple Passbook

Client: Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Role: Digital Design / Creative Direction

Starwood Hotels and Resorts was one of six launch partners who were asked to work with Apple on the launch of their Passbook app and we created two different types of passes.

Behance.comApp Design Served

The first was a Passbook version of the Starwood Preferred Guest member card where the front of the pass was customized with three different templates that showed the visual language of their tier and point balances. The back of the card contains global contact information and their next upcoming stay.


State-aware design for your virtual wallet

 We pioneered state-aware user experience design with the SPG smartphone app, where the app would dynamically curate content based on what you needed for each state of your stay in one of our hotels. We thought Passbook was the perfect extension of this concept, so we created Passbook cards where the information on the cards changes the same way it does in the SPG App. This way, the cards became much more than just single-use references but because a useful tool in a guest’s travel and stay.

9 brands, 3,600 Passbook cards

We then created 9 different templates for each of our nine hotel brands. The challenge was to make each card reflect the visual language of each brand even though Passbook cards have very limited creative options and very little content on the front of each card. we were able to get some of the brand personality to come through using the logo at the top of the card and primary background color but it wasn’t enough so we spent a lot of time finding creative ways to use the photograph to supplement the branding and information on the card. The final solution was to start with the 9 base templates which were combined with over 1,1100 unique images so each hotel has a unique Passbook card. Each unique image combines the exterior of the hotel, the hotel logo with the full hotel name in multiple languages, and in some cases a secondary color stripe to add more brand personality.


3 SPG loyalty cards

Starwood Preferred Guest cards have up-to-the-minute points totals and will automatically customize itself to match photography the member has selected for their physical SPG card. The back of the back contains worldwide contact numbers and the member’s upcoming stay.


Featured in 5 Apple keynotes

My work on Apple Passbook was featured in iOS6, iOS 7, iPhone 5, and multiple Apple Pay keynotes. The W Passbook card was one of the first cards ever shown on stage and was the first card to be showing off the shredding animation when a card is deleted.

Featured on, in Apple Stores, and third-party stores worldwide

 The work has also been on every demo iPhone in the Apple Store and all major wireless carrier stores since the release of iOS6.