St. Regis Hotels Branding

Client:St. Regis Hotels and Resorts
Role: Creative Direction

St. Regis is born of a distinctive legacy and crafted for modern connoisseurs who desire the finest experiences imaginable. Each moment reflects our discreet, bespoke service. Our legacy of innovation informs everything we do.

Past and future, rare and refined, this is the signature of St. Regis.

For connoisseurs of the art of living

St. Regis Hotels and Resorts is one of the world’s most storied luxury brands founded in New York’s Gilded Age by the Astor’s leaders of the new social class, with matriarch Caroline Astor at the helm of high society. Lady Astor’s son, Colonel John Jacob Astor IV, then developed a new style of luxury focused on tangible advancements in the comforts afforded the wealthy. These innovations were debuted inside The St. Regis New York when it opened in 1904 on 55th Street and Fifth Avenue. St. Regis ushered in a new era of lavish parties, balls, and suppers – occasions previously confined to the private homes of the elite – and thus became the next social mecca for years to come.

John Jacob Astor IV aimed to create an experience beyond expectation, incorporating understated elegance, great attention to detail, and a design that evokes the feeling of a residential home. We have taken inspiration from his vision and integrated a selection of touchpoints throughout each hotel’s architecture and in our visual language.





More than a century after its inception, the challenge was to take the St. Regis brand and modernize it to make it more relevant to the modern luxury traveler without losing the storied living legacy the brand represents. This process started by updating the St. Regis crest from its original pen and ink cross-hatch style to a more modern design with all the original logo’s design elements but recreated them in a cleaner, solid color design. From there, all elements of the brand from the color palette to the brand’s core values, were examined, refined, and re-expressed to support this new modern expression of a timeless brand.