The Luxury Collection Hotels Branding

Client: The Luxury Collection Hotels
Role: Creative Direction / Co-designer

69 unique brands in 1

Through the course of my careers I have been faced with the challenge of how to create a branding system that would support multiple sub-brands but have those brands roll up to a master brand. The Luxury Collection is made up of 69 hotels that all have historical importance and are completely unique.

Unique property branding through a single visual system

Each hotel the their own unique style, logo and brand equity.  The challenge was to create a visual language system that would bring all of these unique sub-brands under the Luxury Collection master brand without losing the unique flavor of the hotels. The solution was to a visually simple system that allowed each hotel to have their own logo and color but put it into a structure so there is visual consistency and it works as a system. The resulting logo could then be displayed as a collection so consumers understood the relationship between all the hotels but each one was able to keep their own look and identity.


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