Fleisher's Grass-fed Meats

Client: Fleisher's Grassfed and Organic Meats
Role: Creative Direction / Brand Design / Site Design

Fleisher’s had a growing national reputation because of their exceptional meats, but they were going out of business because they had not claimed their pioneering actions to create sustainable butchery. Introducing brand strategy and rethinking their digital touch points changed all of that.

Web AwardsOutstanding Consumer Website
American Design Award

Over three years, I worked on every aspect of their brand to focus on and update their business and brand strategy to grow, connect, and educate their customers. During that time, they went from the edge of bankruptcy to appearance on Food Network, being named one of Martha Stewart’s favorite things, and most importantly, growing the business to a place where they could start opening additional stores.


Modernizing the artisan craft of whole animal butchery

The new business and marketing strategy started with a new messaging strategy that focused on educating their customer based on their meats’ health benefits, philosophy, and cost. These messages were rolled out through a site re-design, weekly email blast, a Facebook group, and Twitter feed. These new touchpoints helped address common misconceptions and created a very tangible sales increase. Once that foundational messaging was in place, we turned to add new revenue streams to the business by adding new offerings like New York City delivery and butcher training classes that leveraged their unique knowledge and experience. The combination of these marketing and business strategy changes has led to their strongest sales year, and the Fleisher’s brand is in its strongest position ever.


An old profession in the digital space

The site design was created to replicate the large hardwood cutting table found in the middle of the shop that always covered with their meats and pieces of butcher paper. Large photography is the centerpiece of every page because the site needed to do a better job of selling their meats, and there was no better way to do that than showing their amazing meats. The original content was re-written to strengthen the brand voice and make it more distinctive to their point of view as more and more butchers tried to emulate them. New content was added to help educate consumers on the benefits of pastured meats and to highlight the experience Fleisher has accumulated as one of the founders of this movement. The results have been dramatic as within two months, the site traffic has increased 20x and their business and press exposure is up across the board.


“The first great example of artisan food and savvy marketing cross-pollinated in the digital age” – The New York Times