Cathay Pacific Site Re-Design

Client: Cathay Pacific Airlines
Role: Creative Direction / Site Design / UI Design

The goal of the site redesign was to create a world-class airline site that would deploy best-of-class functionality and express the unique personality of this Hong Kong based company.  The usability of their existing site needed to be completely re-worked to better organize content and add needed updates and functionality.


Booking a flight in 16 languages made simple

The usability was re-worked into multiple user flows that would accommodate the needs of their customers who came to the site to do research on flight, book flights, review / revise reservations and use their Marco Polo rewards club. The site also had to be able to display 16 different languages and all content had to be dynamically generated.


 Bringing art to a digital site

To make the site feel more welcoming, differentiate the brand and in a nod to the tradition of Chinese calligraphy the site design incorporated many artistic and organic touches to help soften the digital grid.


Functionality and branding

The visual re-design of the Cathay Pacific globalal site needed to update the look of the site to a more modern aesthetic that would appeal to a global customer base.


A new rewards site

The project also included re-designing the Marco Polo rewards club site which had become dated with confusing usability. The new design featured a much cleaner user experience that made is easier for member to navigate all the available options.