7 Eleven Online Advertising

Client: 7 Eleven
Role: Creative Direction / Digital Design

New style for an old favorite

The challenge was to create an integrated advertising campaign that would have a simple and strong but unique visual style that would build brand recognition, consideration, and shopping behavior through integrating multiple channels I created and oversaw the online campaign, which would need to work to shift consumer daytime shopping behavior so they would visit their stores more often. The solution was to create a vivid universe made up of 7-Branding and their signature products that could be brought to life online in imaginative ways and stand out from the clutter of the site where they would appear. In conjunction with the ads, we create the Refresh Button that gave consumers a reason to seek out and interact with 7-Eleven online advertising.

The Refresh Button

The Refresh Button was conceived to be an iconic symbol that could be used to create a behavioral shift build brand preference as well as become a consumer retention program. Consumers would accumulate points through return in-store purchases, online offers, and seeking out and interacting with online advertising. The points would be redeemed for discounts, free merchandise, and other in-store perks. Because of it’s iconic nature, the Refresh Button was not only used as the symbol of the program but also became part of the advertising, either in ad units or as a standalone symbol that could be used on sites like Yahoo!